If you are at this point (defense), a lot of things went really wrong! Looking at this section without first effectively applying essential personal security concepts, situational awareness and de-escalation will lead to failure. Defense is the last resort, but when it's the only resort...

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The Best Self Defense System in the World

Running is the best self-defense. Whether you are civilian, law enforcement or military, priority number one is your survival so you can achieve the mission. Running will always increase survival by increasing time and distance, running for cover, running to aid your partner or family member. FITNESS is the tool that increases your running capability.

In Personal Security concepts, the top 8 causes of death around the world revolve around your health (, being fit lowers those risks. To counter the threat of assault or petty crime, being fit ameliorates your POSTURE which greatly reduces your risk. Achieving a high level of fitness enables you to perform optimally under stress, seeing and thinking more efficiently. Giving you the confidence that you can out-run, out-think and out-fight anyone... and that confidence is seen and dramatically reduces your vulnerability profile.

Nevermind the gym, you can easily get in shape in about 30 min from home. or anywhere with minimal equipment. Our recommended solution is through:

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Whether it's hair, collar, a scarf, shoulders... an assailant that pulls you backwards wants to put you down. Essential steps:

1 - twist into the momentum/threat to move forward and not end up on the ground

2 - hurt the assailant! ideas: smash nose, knee groin, gouge eyes, hammer-fist the carotid, punch throat...

3 - Scan, Breath, Re-evaluate, RUN!

Hair / Collar Pull


Whether it's from the front, side or rear, the attacker wants to put you down or control you. Your reflexes are the best self-defense here:

Arms explode wide as you take a step forward with a twist to gain visual on the threat, maintain time and distance.


1 – Twist stepping and leaning forward while controlling the hands.

2 - Hurt the assailant! ideas: smash groin or grab twist pull; bite something; break fingers!

3 – Twist away, Scan, Breath, Re-evaluate, RUN!



Neck attack / Chokes


An attack on your neck is a critical event as it automatically triggers survival instincts beyond the effects of any other grabs! An attacker that knows what they’re doing can render someone unconscious in less than 4 seconds while the less technical attacker can severely damage your windpipe and still render you unconscious within 8 to 20 seconds. Your REFLEXES are the best self-defense here: Hands immediately raise to the neck as you tuck-in your chin and raise shoulders. Your body simultaneously steps away with a twist to gain visual on the threat and maintain time and distance. All that in a fraction of a second. Otherwise:

1 – Keep your chin tucked and raised shoulders to protect your neck. Your hands will already contact the limb around your neck so use your fingers to help you get your chin tucked in.

2 – just BITE! Bite the limb around your neck, this will make your assailant release you. If you think biting is not in your nature, you’re fooling yourself, biting is something we do as infants very naturally and you've done it more than once in your life. Kicking is not very effective as you’re too busy keeping your body up and away from the constriction. Thinking that sending elbows to your assailant’s body will work is madness as your hands are reflexively directed towards the pain and are better used to help protect your neck and tuck-in your chin.

3 – Otherwise twist in and rotate your head towards your assailant, keep a hand pulling the limb attacking the neck and find something to hurt with the inside hand. Ideas: fingers in eyes, grab/crush trachea, grab/twist/pull groin…

4 – Push away, Scan, Breath, Re-evaluate, RUN!