Come train with the Champions!

Law enforcement and military professionals

  • Firearms basics for Personal Security
  • Tactical shooting for Law Enforcement, military, security
  • Competition marksmanship
  • Firearms awareness
  • Qualification coaching

Sight Alignment


Position & Hold


Trigger Control & Follow-Through


Increasing Capability for anyone heading to ‍‍‍high risk environments, regardless of your level of experience. The course takes you through firearms safety, function as well as immediate actions and stoppage drills in order to react effectively to the worst possible scenario - when fighting is the only way to survive.

Survival Level Fi‍‍‍rearms‍‍‍ Course

SKS Operator‍‍‍

This course focuses on SKS reloads to keep this fun gun going and also covers shooting positions, marksmanship and stoppage drills.