Come train with the Champions!

Law enforcement and military professionals

  • Firearms awareness

Sight Alignment


  • Competition marksmanship
  • Tactical shooting for Law Enforcement, military, security
  • Firearms basics for Personal Security

Position & Hold


  • Qualification coaching

Trigger Control & Follow-Through


LTT TACTICAL is part of Public Safety Shooters Group:

a group of firefighters, police, military, corrections, CBSA and EMS with the goal of increasing participation in the shooting sports by discussing tactics, matches, skills/drills, podcasts and more with emphasis on public safety personnel.

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TEAM LTT TACTICAL was established to recognize marksmanship talent by providing sponsorship opportunities. That team of top talents has won a lot of marksmanship awards in recent years including being the reigning winning 4 man team at the National Service Pistol Championships, Pistol Champions, Canadian Armed Forces Pistol Champion, Canadian 3 Gun Championships... follow #ltttactical and @LTTTactical to keep up to date with the team.


Increasing Capability for anyone heading to high risk environments, regardless of your level of experience. The course takes you through firearms safety, function as well as immediate actions and stoppage drills in order to react effectively to the worst possible scenario - when fighting is the only way to survive.

Survival Level Firearms Course

This course focuses on SKS reloads to keep this fun gun going and also covers shooting positions, marksmanship and stoppage drills.

SKS Operator


Learn how to safely coach firearms, conduct safe range practices, troubleshoot marksmanship and increase shooter efficiency for all weapon platforms and applications.

Coach lvl 1 - Basics - 16 hours,  one weapon platform

Coach lvl 2 - Intermediate - 16 hours, multiple wpns platforms

Coach lvl 3 - Advanced - 8 hours,  weapon specific dynamic and competitive applications