“This was the best course I’ve ever had with the government”

“The facilitators excelled in all areas especially with anecdotes and real experience”

“They are exceptional! Having great tips and tricks to share from life experience and were great at engaging the crowd” 

“Alexis has great personality, very knowledgeable and easy to learn from”


LTT TACTICAL is the lead contractor delivering mandatory personal security training to the Government of Canada. This course revolves around de-escalation with a focus on pro-activity, mitigating risks and reducing their impacts with a strong focus on increasing one's threat detection and situational awareness skills in order to avoid threats. Training participants become tactical thinkers to effectively escape or de-escalate confrontations and dangerous situations.

COURSE RESOURCES - See below for some of the essential concepts and videos discussed during the Personal Security Course.

All courses are customized to the client depending on their need and can include the following topics:

  • Essential Concepts in Personal Security
  • Personal Security Abroad
  • The Psychology and Physiology of Fear and the Stress Response
  • Situational Awareness
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Mental readiness and resilience to violence and hardship
  • Combat First Aid
  • De-escalation Tactics
  • Self-Defense

The course takes the candidates through a variety of scenarios including threats while commuting/vehicle accidents, natural disasters, security in hotels, security online and social media, petty crime, armed robberies, security in taxis, carjacking, checkpoints, express kidnapping, kidnapping, sexual assaults, civil unrest, assaults, active shooters and terrorism.

Simply, this course aims at empowering the candidates in having the tools necessary to take ownership of their own personal security. Course duration is flexible depending on your requirements.



"The Knockout Game", the "One Hitter Quitter"...

It's a SUCKER PUNCH! Always existed worldwide and always will. Staff at ABC news say this is so random and impossible to see coming, they couldn't be more wrong! There are several simple factors that you can be aware of to avoid this happen to you such as: practice "relaxed awareness", listen to your intuition, observe situations where you may be at an elevated risk, posture up... Several laughable defense technique videos have followed this trend when what needs to be known is how to avoid it, recognize it or, at worst, facilitate your natural defensive reflex

Understanding the psychology and physiology of our survival is ultimately empowering, we are born with all the intrinsic tools we need to survive. This great video from discovery channel explains it very well.

It is described in this video that petty criminals have targeted the site of the Rio Olympic games, we remember hearing it on the news but the locals here may not have been paying attention to the news. Simply, this type of petty crime is more common than these described isolated incidents. Being pro-active here is to research the threats, avoid the targeted areas, reduce the likelihood that it happens to us (not wear valuables) or, reduce the impact by letting it go because it's just stuff, not your life.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) offers detailed crime and safety reports to help you formulate your risk assessment and increase your situational awareness abroad.

Although you can't join unless American, it is jammed packed! You'll be glad to visit this site. It also reports on security incidents affecting expats as well as daily news.