This course package is designed for armed and unarmed security guards. This training does not teach or review the routine job of access control but focuses on skills that usually fade in time such as:


The main focus throughout is de-escalation tactics at all level. Every time this training is delivered, we discover that the candidates have previous training and/or techniques that are inappropriate in the position of a security guard because of the technique's aggressive optic, potential for escalation or legal pursuit.

Additional content for Armed Security:

  • Use of Force Training - the laws, incident management and intervention model
  • Duty Firearm Training (all weapon platforms)
  • Firearms Marksmanship
  • Driver Training/Convoy Drills
  • Stop the threat - Reactions to the active shooter
  • Close Quarter Battle Essentials
  • Shoot, Move, Communicate - Individual, pair and squad tactics
  • Tactical Maneuvers - Find, Fix, Flank, Finish
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Considerations
  • De-Escalation
  • Combating Complacency
  • Recognition of Risk Indicators
  • Suspect Behaviour
  • Vehicle Searches/Proper use of Vehicle Search Mirrors, Search of Individuals
  • Team Tactics - the Contact and Cover roles
  • Self Defense and/or Use of Force (if applicable) and the local laws that cover it.