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Personal Security Training Online:

Formation de sécurité personnelle en ligne:

LTT Tactical's Personal Security Training is now online! From: Risk Assessments, Situational Awareness, Emergency Preparedness and the Psychology of the Stress Response, to petty crime, scams, armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, assault, active threat and terrorism. THIS IS TRAINING FOR LIFE!

La formation de sécurité personnelle de LTT Tactical est maintenant en ligne! Couvre : l'évaluation des risques, conscience de la situation, préparation aux urgences, psychologie de la réponse de stress, crimes mineurs, escroqueries, vols à main armée,  détournement de voiture, enlèvement, voies de fait, à la menace active et au terrorisme. C’EST DE LA FORMATION POUR LA VIE!

CLICK HERE / CLICKEZ ICI :                                                                  

Online Training - Formation en ligne


The best personal security system in the world:

It's priority number one in PERSONAL SECURITY: YOU!! Your health and fitness is the greatest way to reduce the majority of risks including all the biggest killers (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases, dementia, digestive diseases, diarrheal diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases and even Alzheimer's). What you eat and how you move greatly reduces or eliminates those risks.

To counter the threat of assault or petty crime, being fit ameliorates your POSTURE which greatly reduces your risk. Achieving even a minimal level of fitness enables you to perform optimally under stress, seeing and thinking more efficiently. Giving you the confidence that you can out-run, out-think and out-fight anyone... and that confidence is seen and dramatically reduces your vulnerability profile.

The best self-defense system in the world: RUNNING! We all have a few seconds (3 to 5 sec) of ATP energy that'll turn us into skilled sprinters when your life depends on it... but what about after that energy is burned? Being fit gives you the winning edge! In worst cases, fighting for your life, saving a member of your family, being psychologically ready to face hardships and mental challenges are all greatly increased with a disciplined fitness routine.

Nevermind the gym, you can easily get in shape in about 30 min from home. or anywhere with minimal equipment. Our recommended solution is through:

Need help staying accountable to yourself, that's our coaches' jobs:

Nathalie Ladouceur

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Alexis Dallaire

Increasing Capability through leading edge training in surveillance, security, defence and marksmanship

The greatest obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance, but rather the illusion of knowledge.

Daniel J. Boorstin

How many times have you heard:

well that’s how we’ve always done  it

Threats evolve as fast as technology, is what you “know” really adapted or obsolete? Are you operating and training to react to  threats?    Being Reactive = Failure


LTT Tactical is a veteran owned training and consulting company comprised of professional instructors who are first responders, active and former military, law enforcement, security. We're continuously innovating and developing training solutions to remain PRO-ACTIVE and retaining the initiative,  specializing in:

surveillance - securitydefense - marksmanship

Intelligence - Evidence - Counter-Surveillance

Observation is a crucial step to stay PRO-ACTIVE. Good intelligence guides our decision cycle: observe, orient, decide, ACT. Observation skills enable us to preempt the security threat; avoid the confrontation; acquire the target.

Discover our series of surveillance courses and services

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