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The best defence is avoidance, being PRO-ACTIVE, being physically fit, situationally aware, capacity of assertion and mental resolve. 

Confrontations could occur in your personal space and you must defuse the situation.

...but sometimes, the situation doesn’t allow you to run, Sometimes you have to FIGHT!

Come learn how NOW!

‍‍‍How many times have you heard:

well that’s how we’ve always done  it

Threats evolve as fast as technology, is what you “know” really adapted or obsolete? Are you operating and training to react to  threats?    Being Reactive = Failure

LTT Tactical is continuously innovating and developing training solutions to remain PRO-ACTIVE and retaining the initiative,  specializing in:

surveillance - security – defence - marksmanship

Intelligence - Evidence - Counter-Surveillance

Observation is a crucial step to stay PRO-ACTIVE. Good intelligence guides our decision cycle: observe, orient, decide, ACT. Observation skills enable us to preempt the security threat; avoid the confrontation; acquire the target.

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What is the biggest threat to your personal security today?

Lack of situational awareness

Psychological limitations: apathy, denial

Misconceptions about fear

Misunderstanding of intuition

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  • Firearms awareness
  • Competition marksmanship
  • Shoot-to-live for Law Enforcement, military, security and deployed government personnel

Come train with the shooting Champions!

The greatest obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance, but rather the illusion of knowledge.

Daniel J. Boorstin

 Law enforcement and military professionals