LTT TACTICAL tests, reviews and recommends products available commercially off the shelf. The items below are sure to address all your requirements in Personal Security and Emergency Preparedness. Be sure to also consult our recommended readings section at the bottom of the page.

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Petty Crime

The key to counter petty crime is to know and avoid vulnerable areas, times and situations. But these items will surely help reduce the likelihood of getting targeted as they help conceal the look of wealth as well as reduce the impact of a robbery since your important things are distributed and hidden on you.

RECOMMENDATION: Employ a DECOY WALLET (whether it's for a pocket or a purse. See the LTT BLOG article - LINK

AVOID: fanny packs, neck or cross-body wallets, large money belts as those promote the look of a tourist and wealth.

CRITICAL: ALWAYS be ready to de-escalate a robbery by SATISFYING THE DEMAND - always have cash ready to offer, always GIVE EVERYTHING BUT YOUR LIFE!!

Hidden pocket scarves are a great solution for women but men use them too, whether it's a cold, dusty or sunny environment, these scarves serve many purposes and are inconspicuous. Pockets are large enough for a passport.

Hidden pocket belts won't hold your entire wallet but they will keep your emergency money safe. Depending on the currency and pocket size, they can hold 3 to 5 sections of 5 bills folded in 3.

The money belt, better than the lanyard wallet and can still dissimulate plenty of important items. Warning: some  criminals know about these.

A great tool to maximize your security in a room. Not only will it jam a door being opened but the door stop alarm will sound an alarm to scare off the perpetrator. The door jammer can be easily used for patio doors and windows.

This personal alarm is small, loud and has a means of attachment separate from the trigger pull-cord. Other colours can be found too.

Bags, Purses, Luggage

Petty Crime - EDC

It's no secret, we like these 2 models for size, comfort and features. It holds all our EDC items including soft and hard body armour, laptops and a bladder. This is our EDC Go-Bags, it's always packed, prepared and by the door.

There are a few reputable companies that make great security bags, notably PacSafe with its 5 year warranty and Travelon for more affordable options. There is enough selection to please anyone. These are often advertised as travel bags but are great for everyday carry (EDC).

RECOMMENDATION: Research the risk of scooter bandits in your area as the straps on these bags will not snap and you could be dragged on the streets. How to properly wear your bag will be just as important.

AVOID: cheap bags, attractive looking bags, loose bags.

CRITICAL: ALWAYS be ready to de-escalate a robbery by SATISFYING THE DEMAND: always have cash ready to offer, always GIVE EVERYTHING BUT YOUR LIFE!!

Recommended Reading

Ignorance is the root of all evil


Gavin de Becker is the authority when it comes to understanding true warranted fear, intuition, indicators and survival signals that keeps us alive. There is no better way to tune into your intrinsic situational awareness than the knowledge contained in this book.

We Want To Negotiate explains what happens with governments when their citizens get kidnapped. The staggering variety of tactics employed is impressive and invites a self-discussion into what you would expect for support and reality.

Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout clearly recounts her intuition, experience and resiliency in this "hard to get through" account of her kidnapping in Somalia. A necessary read however to gain a better understanding of the risks and perils of a kidnapping in the world's "Avoid All Travel" zones.

A critical additional volume to The Gift of Fear, this time focusing on women, children and parents and the tools necessary to further develop natural intuitive protection.

A refreshing story compared to the others on this page. Jessica Buchanan's story is gripping and offers her husband's perspective and the story of her family and the US government for an epic conclusion conducted by some of the best!

Another critical book that sets the foundation for effective personal security. Left of Bang is the concept and practical understanding of how we can anticipate, avoid and effectively de-escalate risks.

Lt Col Dave Grossman is the authority in offering a deeply researched understanding of the human capability of combat. Some call it the warrior gene, others call it killer instincts, but it's not that natural to all or any. The importance is realizing mindset and how it should take priority in training. Whether you're civilian, Law Enforcement, Soldier or Veteran, these books are necessary reads.

Furthering our understanding of how we think under pressure is Robert Meyer's Ostrich Paradox which covers 6 psychological biases that prevents our effectiveness when faced with potential disaster.

Canadian veteran diplomat Robert Fowler recounts his kidnapping by Al-Qaeda in Maghreb. His analysis of the situation and strategies he engaged in are a model to understand the reality of being held hostage by an extremist organisation.

Great book from the perspective of both the kidnapped American Journalist David Rhode and his wife Kristin Mulvihill dealing with this ordeal from New York. David clearly explains his mistakes but the story ends surprisingly well!

A personal favourite book, author and person of ours and it goes by saying we live, lead and teach by the principles contained in this fantastic book. Jocko Willink and Leif Babin recall their hardest lessons learned in one of modern times hottest war zones Ramadi to apply principles to life and business.

In 1997, Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe André was kidnapped by armed men and taken away to an unknown destination in the Caucasus region. His is a beautifully illustrated tale submission, mind-games and determination over three months with a successful escape!

Jocko Willink and Leif Babin have done it again in somewhat of a sequel to Extreme Ownership to explain that everything in life like in the previous book's principles, balance is key.

Joe Navarro is the authority when it comes to profile individuals through their most telling truths: non-verbal language... this is the required knowledge and science to properly interacting and reading (listening) to people not just for your own security but for any interaction whether it be business, family, friendship.

If you can get beyond the "spy" title, you discover a fun book with a variety of great tips and tricks from prepping to general all-around good life tricks.

Thinking in the blink of an eye, how? why? instincts, intuition and instant situational evaluation and decisions explained brilliantly by Malcom Gladwell. The more you know how your brain works in extreme situations, the more you increase your effectiveness.

A 2017 release which is essentially a detailed version of much of our personal security seminar with a focus on violence. World experts agree on key concepts: accept (as opposed to denial), be pro-active, trust and act on intuition, know your instincts, use situational awareness, consider stress factors and gross motor skills reactions.

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